• Low-viscosity, polyurethane-based duromer resin
  • Short reaction time
  • High tensile and compressive strength
  • Limited foaming when reactive resin is mixed with water
  • Fulfills requirements on repair systems in contact with drinking water in accordance with UBA-guideline
  • Fulfills requirements of the DIBt bulletin "Evaluation and effects of construction products on soil and ground water" (11/2000)


  • Rigid sealing and strengthening of cracks, joints and cavities in structural and civil engineering under dry, water bearing and high-pressure water-bearing conditions
  • Sealing and stabilising of cracks and cavities in loose rock, mountain rock and similar areas
  • Sealing of sheet pilings, diaphragm walls and the like on ground water levels
  • Sealing of leakages in drinking water structures, pipe sockets, etc.
  • REACH-assessed exposure scenarios: long-term water-contact, periodical inhalation, application
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