MC-Bauchemie is one of the leading international producers of building chemical products and technologies with operations in more than 40 countries around the globe and a more than 50 years success story. Whether in sales, product management, administration, R&D or in production – we offer a great variety of interesting jobs in a dynamically growing company. 
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"A company is only as good as its employees." This quote from our company founder Heinrich-W. Müller still remains a guiding principle today in our management and development of employees. Our people take care of their responsibilities and their personal freedom and work hands-on and close together in teams. 
We are open-minded, expert and customer-orientated people who take great care for each and every project and provide our customers as well as our colleagues with individual advice to find the best solution – contributing to the peace of mind of all participants. Actually, this is one of the reasons for the over 50 years lasting success story of MC.


We combine the best of a family managed business with the best of a professional global group and offer trainees, graduates and professionals good opportunities for their entry and their career development. We offer a wide range of activities allowing a great deal of personal scope combined with an appropriate level of responsibility. We place great value in education and training and the provision of support to our employees, with systematic training programmes right from the start.


We always warmly welcome employees with good professional and personal skills as well as the right motivation, good heart and mind into all areas of our company – from administration, R&D and production to product management, business development and sales. Sound technical knowledge is, of course, important; however, we place a much greater emphasis on the personality and attitude to work of the employee. Sociability, an independent and target-focused working manner and a considerable amount of personal commitment and passion as well as a great deal of responsibility are all aspects we are looking for. 
Aspects these people all share, however, too, are enjoying to work with people from different nations and cultures, and showing openness, curiosity and reliability. If these characteristics match yours you are always going to be right for MC. Take your chance!

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Careers at MC are just as individualised as the personalities who work here. We offer a wide range of activities allowing a great deal of personal scope combined with an appropriate level of responsibility.


Whether trainees, graduates or professionals, motivated employees with a passion for what they do as well as good old common sense are always welcome in our company – in R&D, in sales, in product management, in administration, in our warehousing facilities and in production.
As an internationally active, family-owned company we offer you short, direct decision-making paths and attractive development opportunities. We do not have fixed career ladders. Rather, it is up to each employee to build his or her own stairway to the top.
Interested to construct your own career ladder?

  • School leavers

    We are also very committed to providing initial training to school leavers. Throughout Germany, we are currently supporting a total of 45 apprentices, and therefore every year 15 young people receive a training contract in the business/administrative or commercial/technical area. During the course of their two or three-and-a-half year apprenticeship, these apprentices will get the chance to work in all the relevant departments within the company, as part of a team actively engaged in the day-to-day business of the enterprise. There is even the opportunity for a foreign posting to MC's offices abroad. Following the successful completion of their apprenticeship, ambitious, dedicated apprentices with good grades can continue to develop their careers at MC. There are many examples of former trainees who have forged their careers with the company.

  • International Trainees

    We offer graduates an international training program where they can get to know the MC's products and techniques, gain experience on the job site and in projects, and set up an internal and external network. Either we prepare you in 18 to 24 months for a responsible job in one of our national or regional organizations (International Traineeship). Or you are already firmly scheduled for a job in our international organization and will be intensively prepared in 12 months in Germany and / or another country for this future challenge (International Career Preparation).

  • Graduates

    Whether you have completed your studies as a civil engineer, chemist, mineralogist or econmist or you have already worked some years in your profession, we offer graduates and young professionals a lot of exciting jobs and opportunities to start at MC – from R&D, sales, marketing and product management to administration, warehousing and our production. After a systematic training programme at the beginning you will take on responsibility quickly and get opportunities to develop and work independently. You will be accompanied by experienced mentors.

  • Professionals

    If you have extensive experience in the construction industry as a construction engineer, sales representative, application technician or business development manager, you are just right at MC. We are always looking for quali ed and experienced people who are able to develop our business and to create success. We offer a lot of exciting and worthwile jobs and give you the opportunity to grow and develop with us.


All our business activities are based on the principles of quality and customer dedication, from our production plants, through our laboratories and our warehouses and on to our logistics and sales service, we maintain the same high standards.
And offer interesting fields of activities and development opportunities for our employees who are the most important pillar of our company’s success.

  • Administration

    MC’s administrative organisation comprises a number of different units and functions. While Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of raw materials and items necessary for the production process, the Human Resources department sets about nding new entrants to the company and helping with the further development of existing employees. Finance & Accounting is concerned with the systematic recording, monitoring and reporting of income streams and the ow of goods and services as the basis for planning and control within the company. Meanwhile, the Marketing & Communications department is responsible not just for product promotion but also for keeping employees and external stakeholders informed of the company’s activities.

  • Business Development Management

    In an international company like MC, the role performed by the Business Development Management team is particularly important. Our business development managers keep communications running smoothly between the divisions and units at our headquarters in Germany and the countries for which they are responsible around the world. They also support the regional and country managers in expanding their business activities, developing new markets and leveraging market potential.

  • Logistics

    Our employees in the Logistics unit provide the interface between production and sales on the one hand and our customers on the other, securing the optimal planning and execution of all relevant goods storage, materials handling and transportation activities. Each day they ensure that our customers receive their orders just in time, constantly aiming to keep them satisfied by providing a reliable, accurate and punctual service.

  • Global Product Management

    The Global Product Management team is the link between our business divisions R&D, Business Development Management, Fields of Expertise and Sales. MC’s product managers are responsible for their respective product groups, the development of new products and targeting marketing activities aligned to customer and market profiles. They help our international sales units and the Fields of Expertise in solving technical issues and by providing marketing materials and arranging product training resources and events.

  • Field of Expertise

    Our employees in the Fields of Expertise are responsible for pooling and collating all of MC’s know-how in specific technologies, making sure that it is effectively transferred throughout the organisation. They work very closely with Global Product Management, Regional Management and Business Development Management, performing market analyses in order to identify new opportunities for revenue generation. They then develop product and sales strategies aligned to developing such market potential, supported by appropriate promotional and training activities.

  • Sales

    Sales representatives are of key importance for MC-Bauchemie as the primary points of contact with our customers. They are responsible for nurturing our client relationships and making sure our products get sold. They need to know MC’s product systems very well and be in a position to offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each application. They are responsible for managing and developing their territories under their own initiative, establishing and nurturing a network of customers and partners while constantly seeking and winning new clients. They are assisted in these activities on a daily basis by a sales back office, our applications engineering departments and our product management people.

  • Research & Development

    Our motivation is to solve the problems of today and to develop the standards of tomorrow, to keep one step ahead of the crowd and extend development beyond the established state of the art. In our R&D division we develop new products and systems which is an integral part of our corporate culture and a major contributor to our success. One tenth of our workforce is employed in the R&D division. Chemists, mineralogists and materials technologists from our laboratories maintain very close ties with our technical product management and our specialist field advisers around the world. From this fertile soil grow innovative ideas and solutions aligned to the specific requirements of our partners and their projects. Indeed, in the course of the last five decades-plus, we have developed a number of products that have gone on to become industrial standards.

  • Production

    We currently have over 20 development and production facilities around the world, including Brazil, Germany, India and Russia, where we develop and produce admixtures, mortars, renderings, screed products, adhesives, coatings, waterproofing barriers, sealants or speciality repro ling product systems. Using special raw materials and formulations, we manufacture these in our own production facilities, utilising the most advanced technology in harness with the extensive expertise of our people.


Using creative freedom, assuming responsibility, moving something together and growing together - that's what our employees appreciate about MC; and reward it with commitment, loyalty and longtime affiliation.

Employee statements


"For more than 20 years working at MC, my ambition and personal drive has been to offer good quality and good service to my customers while continuing to develop professionally."

Luzian Haida, Sales Representative


“I have enjoyed working for MC since joining the company more than 11 years ago and appreciate the cooperation and open communication with motivated colleagues, as well as the strong team spirit that I encounter here.”

Dr. Jana Schütten, Global Product Manager


"From the start of my role with MC, I had a feeling of belonging. I like to work for a company that excites me and gives me the opportunity to grow with it and to develop myself."

Maria L. Perez, Business Development Manager


"Working on new developments in a team together with product management, our laboratory and the sales department, incorporating my own ideas and the closeness to the customer are all things I wouldn’t want to miss."

Uwe Strauch, Application Engineer

Employee Development

“A company is only as good as its people” – This quote from our company founder Heinrich W. Müller remains one of our guiding principles in our approach to employee training and is reflected particularly in our apprenticeship, educational and CPD (continuous professional development) activities. Our programme is renowned worldwide and is unique in its make-up. We offer our employees systematic training and individual development aligned to their talents, desires and, of course, their level of engagement. Our apprenticeships, training and education packages create competence and motivation in one, benefiting not only our people but also and particularly our customers. This is a major component in our success.


At MC new entrants are not only individually familiarised with their new duties and surroundings, they also benefit from a systematic course structure building from basic to advanced and providing them with essential theoretical and practical knowledge of our product technologies and processes.
The product-related topics are complemented by business studies and sales-based subject matter. In this way, we make sure our employees are properly equipped for a broad range of tasks and duties.
The training courses, which are open to our people operating around the world, are held several times a year in German and English.

Employee Development

Even after they have found their feet within the company, we keep a watchful eye on our employees. Offering a range of further training and CPD opportunities, we help them gain success and keep their career moving in the right direction.
We conduct many of the courses in-house in our company-owned and -operated training centres. From sales skills and familiarisation with MS Office to presentation seminars, both field-hardened experts from within our organisation and external specialists deliver a wide spectrum of interesting and engaging training content.
We also offer our people the opportunity to participate in language courses so as to prepare them even more effectively for international duty.


Management bears a huge responsibility for the success and the further development of the company, and also for providing leadership, guidance and encouragement for our employees. Hence our programme includes not only training courses dealing with business administration and strategy, but also internal and external management seminars to ensure that our guiding principles – our corporate values – relating to collaboration and leadership are properly implemented and adhered to.
And finally: For many years now, we have also encouraged the development of our upcoming managers with a modular training programme to prepare them for their future leadership tasks.

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MC is always ready to warmly welcome employees with the right motivation, good heart and mind into all areas of the company – whether in sales, product management, administration, Research & Development or in production. If there is no vacancy according to your skills, experiences and interests, please send us your application. Then we will check the possibilities internally. We are looking forward to your contact and to get to know you soon.


We understand the customer as a long-term partner and build a close personal relationship.

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