• Ready to use - just mix with water
  • Highly flowable
  • Swellable, shrink compensated
  • High adhesive tensile strength on properly treated concrete surfaces
  • Pumpable, chloride-free acc. to EN 934-1
  • Non-flammable acc. to EN 13501 - class A1
  • Certified as a grouting concrete according to DAfStb guideline "Production and use of cement-based grouting concrete and mortar"


  • Grouting concrete for applications acc. to ZTV-ING, paragraph 3 and 6
  • Grouting concrete for applications acc. to the Guideline for Concrete Repair of DAfStb
  • Grouting concrete for setting columns in sleeve foundations, grouting of cavities and hollow spaces, gaps with large volume
  • Grouting concrete for precision machinery, machine foundations, bridge bearings, crane rails, turbines, engines, steel constructions
  • Grouting concrete for fastening bolts, steel elements in concrete, rigid joints between precast elements or between precast elements and in-situ concrete
  • Suitable acc. to EN 206 for exposure classes X0, XC 1-4; XD 1-3; XS 1-3; XA 1-3, XF 1-3
  • Exposed to alcali silica reaction for moisture classes WO, WF, WA
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