• Cement-bound, one-component
  • Very high flowability
  • High initial and final strength
  • Low shrinkage, slightly swelling
  • Resistant to sulphate attack
  • Very high resistance to freeze and de-icing salt tested in accordance with CDF test method (BAW-leaflet)
  • Very good adhesion to mineral substrates
  • Fulfills requirements according to DIN 19573 (WW-shaft head mortar) as well as DAfStb-grout guideline


  • Grout for manhole frame leveling (cylindrical and conical shape)
  • Void-free grouting of joints between manhole frame and taper
  • Height adjustment/leveling of gully holes or other component frameworks
  • Annulus backfilling at shaft-in-shaft systems
  • REACH-assessed exposure scenarios: application, periodical water-contact
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