The Ultimate Waterproofing and Protective Coating in Ghana

MC-PROOF DF8, 2-in-1 waterproofing and protection coating

Over the last three decades, water based acrylic coatings have come to dominate the waterproofing industry. Waterborne acrylic resin has the functional performance in use, and has been more and more prominent as waterproof and leakage protection in kitchens and bathrooms, weather resistant waterproofing for outer walls & roofs. 

MC-Proof DF 8 is a 1-component, highly flexible, acrylic dispersion, white coloured, UV resistant, eco-friendly cold applied liquid coating system cures to form a waterproofing, solar reflective and crack bridging durable & seamless membrane to roofs & walls for the exposed applications.


2-in-1 Waterproofing Coating Syste

MC-PROOF DF8's dispersion technology helps to protect your concrete surfaces against water infiltration. Also,it helps to prevent carbonation and corrosion induced by chloride due to the protection against chemical attacks. 

Ready to Use

MC-Proof DF8 is packaged to be used right away. No need for complex mixing designs which aids in faster application, less buckets, less space required on jobsite & easier transport of material.


Low Consumption

With a consumption of 1.2kg/m2,

You need Less product to finish a project → save money

Less material storage onsite

No overweight on the structure due to thin layer application

UV & Weathering Resistance

With an SRI value of 82, your substrate absorbs only a small amount of heat and     UV rays and bouncing the rest back.

Retain the authentic color of your paint

& avoid the non–yellowing effect

Enjoy a longer life cycle of the waterproofing surface

Over Paintable

Façade color paint & design with acrylic based paints is possible directly on the MC-Proof DF 8 surface without additional protection layer → faster application & economical.

Unlimited design possibilities

Protection against cracks

MC-Proof DF8 has crack bridging properties up to 1.2mm. Preventing water infiltration through the cracks due to its high flexibility and elasticity which

increases the durability of your structure and also reduces the need of crack repairs → save money & time

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Tools for MC-Proof DF8 Application

Application tools for MC-Proof DF 8:

Wool roller for all application areas incl. vertical and horizontal surfaces, except for construction details.


Brush (10-12 cm) for construction details such as corners, areas around the pipes and drains.

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