Advanced application training for industry professionals

What are the most important factors for repairing concrete structures? How do you select the correct materials or the correct repair methodology? How do you effectively protect concrete structures? Who is qualified to repair concrete structures? If you are a construction planner, architect, project manager or an applicator and you feel that quality is an essential aspect of your job, then we have the answers for you!

Standardized repair: Need of the Hour

1980: Germany

Back in the 80’s, there was a wave of unproven concrete repair products and solutions which flooded the markets in Germany. With no proof of functionality, such solutions were the main cause of worry among owners, construction planners and applicators. The answer to this was MC-Bauchemie’s quality assurance system (QSS) which led the way for standardization and quality control of product systems used for repairing concrete structures.

2023: Ghana

With the construction boom in Ghana, there is an inadequate focus on the correct repair methodologies and systems on construction sites. To usher in more safety and security for all stakeholders, MC-Bauchemie Ghana aims to bring in quality oriented construction practices such as approved product systems, certified applicators and independent monitoring through this advanced training.

Because construction is a serious matter, and the right quality ensures peace of mind!

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Upcoming training: 13 to 18 March 2023

MC-Bauchemie Ghana is organizing a 6-day, paid and exclusive application training for established applicators and industry professionals in the areas of concrete repair, injection, surface protection and flooring.
The aim of this certified course will be to improve the skills of the participants by providing the latest theoretical knowledge coupled with individual hands-on training with products and equipment.
Due to the high interest and limited seats offered, registration will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.



  • Material Basics of Concrete
  • Expositions & Damages in Concrete
  • Introduction to Technical Standards: EN 1504
  • Substrate Preparation & Concrete Repair: Methods, Materials & Practices
  • Surface Protection Systems
  • Case Study in repair & protection of major concrete structures
  • Injection basics and areas of application
  • Injection technology and materials
  • Flooring: Basics and systems
  • Supervision, documentation and safety measures


  • Qualitative Analysis Examples
  • Quantitative Analysis Testing Equipment
  • Substrate Preparation: Machinery Demonstration
  • Repair Mortars: Hand applied mortars, wet and dry spray machinery
  • Fine fillers & Protection Coatings: Performance and application
  • Introduction: Injection pumps & materials
  • Individual practice on crack injection
  • Equipment demonstration for flooring systems 
  • Application of flooring products

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Decades of experience - curated for you!

The faculty of this training is made up of experts from various fields related to concrete repair, protection and application. Education on best practices, standards and norms will be imparted by industry experts and professors while training on the correct application technologies and product systems will be covered by experienced application technicians and product line managers of MC-Bauchemie, to ensure that you benefit from an ideal mix of theoretical and practical training!


Dr. Joachim Käppler

Dr. Joachim Käppler is the Technical Director and the Segment Director of the Segment ‘Refurbishment & Protection’ at MC-Bauchemie, Germany. He brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the construction chemicals and construction industry. In addition to this, he is heading several working groups in Deutsche Bauchemie e.V., apart from being a technical author for the EN 1504 Standards as part of CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

Dr. Lucas Damoah

Dr. Lucas Damoah is an experienced academic, engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in consulting and technical support. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana with 16 years of teaching and research experience in the field of cement and concrete technology, corrosion, construction materials, non-destructive testing, material processing principles and recycling.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrei Walther

Professor Andrei Walther is leading the non-destructive testing and inspection of buildings and bridges with Kiwa GmbH in Berlin, Germany. Along with this he is also a honorary professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany and organizes concrete repair trainings through his consulting company.

Mario Wollny

Mario Wollny is a highly-experienced technician at MC-Bauchemie with almost 24 years of practical experience in product application and troubleshooting on various construction sites around the world. He will lead the application demonstrations during the training in his expertise areas of injection technology, concrete repair, flooring systems and surface protection.

Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt is responsible for the industrial flooring and road resin technologies at MC-Bauchemie Germany. As part of his role, Peter works to develop sustainable systems for industrial, commercial, residential buildings, car parks and underground garages and a variety of other applications.

Sumesh Sreedhar

Sumesh Sreedhar is in charge of product line management of injection technologies at MC-Bauchemie Germany. His role is to work closely with related industries such as deep excavation, hydro power, building and high rises, underground garages, mining and tunneling to develop and optimize application systems for repair, strengthening, stabilizing and water stopping.

Apurv P. Kesarkar

Apurv Kesarkar leads the expansion of concrete repair and protection technologies for the global organization of MC-Bauchemie, with a strong focus on establishing the correct technology-fits for global markets while ensuring sustainable repair practices.


  • Kiwa is an autonomous global organization specialising in testing, inspection and certification, training and consultancy services. Their long experience in the construction industry enables them to support you in every step of the construction chain, offering solutions to all quality-related issues, from certification, quality control and assurance to testing, inspection, sustainability assessments and risk analyses.

  • Established over 60 years ago, MC-Bauchemie is one of the leading international producers of building chemical products and technologies. MC has acquired a renowned reputation for sophisticated and advanced solutions and technologies.

  • DEG, through its develoPPP programme supports companies to address business challenges and to create developmental impact, as well as pilot innovative technologies, raise the standard of supply chains or invest in sustainable training programmes.

  • This programme is subsidized and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

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